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Dedicated server

...Dedicated server outsourcing solutions - new version
HIGH-BANDWIDTH 500 GIGABYTES burstable monthly traffic
PENTIUM 4 HyperThreading 1 GB RAM, 160 GB DISK SPACE 
Why choose CQhost? Competitors CQhost
Monthly bandwidth/ traffic: 100GB 500GB
RAM: 768MB 1GB
Disk drive: 80GB 160GB
Dedicated IP: 1 4
PHP installed: no yes
Mysql installed: no yes
SSH (Secure Telnet) installed no yes
Free Technical support: 30 days unlimited
Additional bandwidth / traffic  surprise! only $2 /GB

Host up to 300 domain names with a single server.
Unlimited FREE technical support

Price: $250 / month


Features Benefits
Web Serving Integrated support for HTTP/1.1, Common Gateway Interface (CGI), ASP, PHP and Perl scripting.
Email Services With support for standard POP3, APOP, IMAP and SMTP mail protocols create mail accounts for each domain, and group mailing lists for all of your clients.
Active Server Pages (ASP) and PHP support Enables application and Web developers to build and maintain dynamic Web applications with live database connectivity. Database support includes: PostgreSQL, MySQL, SequeLink, dBase, Oracle, Sybase, Microsoft SQL and Informix.
Internet-standard FTP All files can be easily transferred to or from the RaQ using FTP.
Virtual Domain Support Support for name-based or IP-based virtual domains.
Bandwidth Management On a per-site basis, traffic can be limited to a pre-selected amount. Metering bandwidth also assures customers of consistent site availability.
Development Tools (C++, JVM, Perl, CGI and more) Includes a full suite of standard development tools that ISPs and their clients can use to build custom, value-added applications and services.
SQL Database support The server integrates the Mysql database, a powerful, high-performance SQL database designed for business-critical, network and Web-based applications.

The CQhost RAQ is designed to be administered totally via the Web-based admin interface but can be managed via SSH/TELNET as well. 

One-time setup fee: $325
Minimum contract: NONE
Hidden fees: NONE

Additional bandwidth :
only $2 per GB /month. (minimum block: 100GB)


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